Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Giving it a go...

Last night I found myself in a familiar situation.  It was 10.22pm and, as I slipped on my PJs, music began to pump from a neighbouring flat.  Surveying their open window, I considered my options; either screaming up at them or calling the police.  Luckily for all involved the noise subsided before I felt the need to do either - only to wake me up 90 minutes later.  Needless to say I was NOT amused.
But today, I am happy.  I have the perfect excuse to get my revenge.  You see, I am in my workplace’s “Staff Choir” and we have a concert with a local school on Sunday.  Which means I need to practice.  And I sing first soprano.  Shame...
Getting my own back for years of bad music, stomping and a general lack of consideration for others aren’t the only reasons why I’m in the choir.  I really enjoy singing and, although it may be considered a bit geeky, I jump at the opportunity to warble along with a large group of people who (thankfully) drown me out.  For me, it is a perk in a job that I bemoan rather than brag about.
You see, this year I’ve decided make the most of a mediocre nine til five situation by having a go at new things.  As well as singing (which is not a skill I expect will help me gain future employment) I have taken on the role of project managing and organising an educational community event.  It was a real headache and I admit I had to rely upon the knowledge and experience of a lot of my colleagues, but I pulled it off – and even got a thank you from the head of my service.  Last week I boosted this experience with a day’s workshop in project management - so, next time I see a job advertised which asks for this skill, I can tick that proverbial box with confidence.
Last week I also volunteered to talk to some school children at an event near Holborn.  I was absolutely dreading it – I’m not great with kids at the best of times and the thought of talking to a load of ten year olds is not my idea of fun.  But I decided to give it a go.  And, you know what?  It wasn’t too bad.  They actually took some interest in what I had to say and even the little darlings labelled as “difficult” engaged with me.  In fact – dare I say it? – I quite enjoyed myself.  And not just because I got a free lunch out of it.
So, although I’ve spent most of today ploughing my way through an avalanche of emails, I took the time to contact a colleague to start putting together another project.  And I’m actually quite looking forward to it.  Okay, so it’s not the same as signing a book deal or selling a painting, but it’s something different, something new and, essentially something that will benefit my work, the local community – and myself.  And, until I can retire on the royalties of that bestseller, that will do for me.

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