Thursday, 2 February 2012

Something Old, Something New

I’m tired. Yes, it’s been a busy week, and I can’t wait for the weekend – even though, if I’m honest, the reason I’m so knackered is because of the last one.

It was a weekend of fun with friends, but with a couple of new experiences thrown in for good measure. It started with a Friday night in Angel – nothing new there, but a guaranteed good night all the same, with a more than adequate variety of places to eat – and, of course, drink. We went cheap and cheerful with Nandos, followed by beers at The Bull (Sierra Nevada and Kozel) and finished off for more beer and shots at Keston Lodge (um, I think there was Jaegermeister involved...).

On Saturday, there was no time for recuperation. My friend was in need of a new suit – and a good variety of high street shops in which to find one. We did consider a trip to Westfield, but with more friends coming over for dinner at 6, we didn’t have time to go west. Which meant one thing, and one thing only: Oxford Street.

To be fair, it wasn’t too bad, and my friend got his suit and a pair of jeans, plus managed to exchange a jacket that had fallen to pieces. Okay, so the dress I was hankering after was no-where to be seen, but I found a pair of much needed extra-long leggings and returned home a happy camper.

After another night of food (a la moi), drink (Crabbies anyone?) and silliness followed by a lovely brunch the next day to soak up any excess alcohol, I headed west to meet another friend – and to try something completely different; wall climbing. Well, it was certainly an experience – and one that I may try again without the hangover. With aching arms and a sense of achievement, we headed back to my friends’ pad to have a go at making beetroot and vanilla cupcakes (yes, you did read that right). Despite a lack of kitchen scales, electric mixer or liquidiser, they turned out very nice – in fact, a bit too nice...

We rounded up our fun-filled day with a trip to Queensway – and, according to my mate, the best noodle house in London, Noodle Oodle. I’ve never really been out in Queensway before, and was pleasantly surprised. The noodles did not disappoint, and the added excitement of seeing them being made before my very eyes added to the experience.

I guess that’s the great thing about London – there is somewhere for every occasion, whether it is drinking, eating or shopping – and, if you want to try something or somewhere new, there’s always going to be a corner of the capital that you have yet to explore. And if you don’t fancy something new? Well, you can return to a tried and tested formula.

Just make sure you give yourself time to recover...

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