Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Oh my word. 2012 is here. 2011 is, like... well, so last year.
And what a year it was. So much happened in twelve months – and I hope it will have set the precedent for the year to come. And, let’s face it, London has made so much– whether good or bad – happen.
So, rather than ranting about the weather (shite), being back at work (heartbreaking) and my phobia of the bathroom scales (just don’t go there), here is my summary of 2011 – for me, in London – in numbers.
The number of kilometres I ran for Race for Life in Finsbury Park: 10. I’ve never considered myself a runner, and doing the whole race without stopping and in a reasonable time showed me that anything really is possible. So this year, what will it be? A half marathon? Charity walk? Bike ride? Who knows? Although the bike ride may prove a little challenging, as you will see below...
Number of blogs I have contributed towards: 3. As well as my humble Love To Hate weekly rant, I have written for Grumpy Young Women (more ranting), Anglo Info (more Londonish insights) and, with my fellow writing chums, Writerss Blocc (a wee bit of fiction for a change). Okay, so Grumpy Young Women may be folding (we’re all too old now) and Writerss Blocc has yet to take off, but getting out there has been a great experience. And long may it continue.
Number of times I have fallen over: 3. Once flat on my face whilst running (my knee is still not right), once on my arse whilst dancing in a bar (no I wasn’t drunk, just merry – and I still have a bump on my butt) and once more on my booty weeks later (bloody slippery rain/pavement combo). Yes, London is full of hazards - and has a warped sense of humour.
Number of writing competitions I have entered: 2. One short story and one novel. Number of competitions I won... well, it’s the taking part that counts, surely?
Number of times I fell off a bike: 2. Yes, I am 32, and yes, I am a novice. One incident was during my first bike riding tutorial, courtesy of Islington Council. The second accident occurred when I attempted a hill start. Lesson learnt? Hills are just evil.
Number of new skills: 2. In the summer, there was learning to ride a bike. Finally. Then, over Christmas, I knitted my first scarf in over twenty years – and, bearing in mind my last one was for Gordon the Gopher and consisted on only one stitch, I think I did very well, thank you very much - after a few false starts anyway. And, if it all goes wrong, I can always head down to Drink, Shop, Do to one of their knitting nights. And a cocktail or two whilst I’m at it.
Number of novels finished: 1. Thanks to the girls at More to Life Than Shoes for making me kick myself up the arse and go for it! Number of published novels? Mmm, not quite there yet...
Number of published short stories: 1. Courtesy of Okay, so you order the compilation on line and they print to order – but that counts, right?
Number of new jobs: 1. Number of scary re-structures at work: 1. The public sector is certainly feeling the pinch. Enough said.
Number of times I locked myself out of my flat (On a Sunday, when no-one from the letting agents wass around): 1. Well, there’s a first time for everything. Thank God I know people who know how to break into houses...
And, finally...
Number of times I have fallen asleep on the tube and ended up stranded in Golders Green at one in the morning: 1. Another first which I have managed to avoid in over ten years in the capital. Shame I chose to do it in the middle of the night. All I can say is thank you London for your night buses.
Well, who knows what the next year will bring? I mean, anything can happen in this place. If you let it...


  1. A new year is like a brand new notebook....all fresh and new and ready for great new ideas. Remember when we got our new exercise books at school...and the first few weeks of the new school year were all neat writing and properly ruled margins and gradually....bit by degenerated. I am going to try and keep the momentum going this year. I will stay invigorated and you will get that novel published. Happy New Year from Sydney Australia

  2. Thank you Mrs Dibble! I hope we can both keep our notebooks neat, pretty and full of great stuff all year round!