Monday, 7 March 2011

Things Can Only Get Better...

I’m not going to lie to you. I have been a really grumpy cow over the last couple of weeks. I admit it, not knowing if I still have a job or not did not suit my anxiety (or irritability) levels much at all. But things are looking up.
Today I found out that I have managed so secure employment – for the next 12 months, anyway. Okay, so it isn’t my dream job, but it pays well, and I can work on my exit strategy to something that really floats my boat whilst my savings build up over the coming months. Although not exactly excited, I am certainly relieved and very thankful that I am not going to be added to the already overflowing unemployment line.
But, you know what? That isn’t the only reason I am feeling good.
Yesterday I went out with Him Indoors to see a photography exhibition. One bad decision and a very long bus ride later we arrived to learn that they were not letting anyone else in for another two and a half hours. Him Indoors huffed and puffed. He didn’t want to hang around and didn’t fancy my suggestion of going for a wander and coming back later. With a heavy heart I gave up and negotiated a walk to Spitalfields market instead. Him Indoors reluctantly agreed.
By the time we got to our destination, both our moods had improved. Yes, we were absolutely freezing, but the sun was shining. Added to this was the enjoyment of our walk. You see, the City to me is a pocket of London that really feels, well, Londony. Yes, it has its ugly concrete tower blocks and corporate skyscrapers, but it also has its grand Victorian banking institutions and the odd centuries old church or industry cottage squatting among the grandeur. It is London at its best – eclectic, diverse, interesting, exciting.
By the time we got a (more direct) bus home, I was feeling tired, but satisfied. I had had a good mooch around the market and was feeling energised by the buzz – and the sun’s occasional appearance. When we got home I updated my playlist on my IPod to reflect my new feeling of optimism. The day before I had cleared out a lot of old junk and spent the afternoon online, not just playing about on Facebook but looking up college courses and building up my professional network. Things were starting to look up.
So, today I am looking forward to my walk home, not just because I can now justify that handbag from Topshop and a mini bottle of Cava. But because the sun is shining, and London has reminded me why I like it so much at a time when it was really needed. I might not be living the dream yet. But I am still living somewhere where dreams are nurtured and creativity welcomed. I just need to keep that in mind when I start my new job next month. Please don’t let me forget :-)

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