Sunday, 18 April 2010


Him Indoors often accuses me of being “bouncy”. Not because I resemble a space hopper (other than on a particularly bad day) but because I am not very good at doing nothing. Sitting on my arse all day is something I find very difficult, unless I am doing something I consider productive, as I am now. But even then I get cabin fever if I don’t venture out to the great outdoors on at least one occasion over the space of 24 hours.
This is why London and I have got on for so many years. There is always something to see, somewhere to go, like-minded people to meet. And because London is so densely populated, no matter what it is that you are into, there are bound to be other people who are into it too, whether its kick boxing, knitting or kinky underwear.
I have found myself joining a few “groups” over the years, and have to say I find them not just enjoyable but also invaluable. Meeting new people not only inspires but opens up countless new opportunities. Take my book club for example. It was fellow bookworm Claire that inspired me to start my own blog and advised me how to go about setting it up. She also told me about the Grumpy Young Women Blog which I have started contributing to and who were looking for bloggers to mention their website in exchange for some free chocolate (job done). So last week I indulged in some rather smooth dark choc from Prestat gratis. What more could a girl ask for?
Some of the books I’ve been introduced to have come in handy too. Sheconomics helped me finally get a grip of my own finances, and although I still don’t quite understand mortgages I have a plan which has helped me save a deposit for a house AND ensured that my student loan will be paid off within the year. About time too.
Then there’s More to Life Than Shoes, where women get together to help each other achieve their goals through offering support and exchanging ideas and tips. Not only has it given me the kick up the bum that I needed to focus on what I really want, but given me a lot of help along the way too. Last week I received an email from one of the girls about a site that were looking for festival goers to blog for them and I put a young graduate in touch with a photographer friend for a few pointers on breaking into the industry. I’ve got ideas coming out of my ears about how to achieve my own goals, from using networking websites to promote my work to tips on improving my running. All good stuff.
Then there’s my writing group which stemmed from a course that I completed last year. Not only does it keep me writing but I get constructive feedback on my work too. My fellow writers have also given me ideas, from watching Julie and Julia to websites that give tips on writing and links to competitions all over the world. Nice one.
Even without my monthly get-togethers, there are opportunities all over the place to meet new people and pick their brains. Last week I went to an event at a clothes shop and got talking to an American journalist who was promoting her book. She gave me even more ideas about how to get into writing which I have yet to utilise.
So, my little black book brimming with new contacts and lists of things to do, I don’t really have the time to sit on my arse all day. In fact, the thought of having nothing to do is practically inconceivable. It’s a good job I’m bouncy after all otherwise I wouldn’t stand a chance of getting even half of it done.

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